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    Big Data-Enabled Internet of Things
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    Muhammad Usman Shahid Khan, Samee U. Khan, Albert Y. Zomaya
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    January 10, 2020
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    488 pages
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    PDF, ePUB


Description of Big Data-Enabled Internet of Things ebook

Download Big Data-Enabled Internet of Things, pdf, epub free. The fields of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have seen tremendous advances, developments, and growth in recent years. The IoT is the inter-networking of connected smart devices, buildings, vehicles and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. The IoT produces a lot of data. Big data describes very large and complex data sets that traditional data processing application software is inadequate to deal with, and the use of analytical methods to extract value from data. This edited book covers analytical techniques for handling the huge amount of data generated by the Internet of Things, from architectures and platforms to security and privacy issues, applications, and challenges as well as future directions.


1. Introduction to big data-enabled Internet of Things
2. Smarter big data analytics for traffic applications in developing countries
3. Using IoT-based big data generated inside school buildings
4. Autonomous collaborative learning in wearable IoT applications
5. A distributed approach to energy-efficient data confidentiality in the Internet of Things
6. An assessment of the efficiency of smart city facilities in developing countries: the case of Yaound?, Cameroon
7. A comparative study of software programming platforms for the Internet of Things
8. Fog computing-based complex event processing for Internet of Things
9. Ultra-narrow-band for IoT
10. Fog-computing architecture: survey and challenges
11. A survey on outlier detection in Internet of Things big data
12. Supporting Big Data at the vehicular edge
13. Big data-oriented unit and ubiquitous Internet of Things (BD-U2IoT) security
14. Confluence of Big Data and Internet of Things—relationship, synergization, and convergence
15. Application of Internet of Things and big data for sustainability in water
16. IoT-based smart transportation system under real-time environment
17. Edge computing: a future trend for IoT and big data processing
18. Edge computing-based architectures for big data-enabled IoT
19. Information-centric trust management for big data-enabled IoT
20. Dependability analysis of IoT systems using dynamic fault trees analysis

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