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    PHP, MySQL, & jаvascript All-in-One For Dummies
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    Richard Blum
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    1 edition
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    April 10, 2018
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    800 pages
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Description of PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript All-in-One For Dummies ebook

Download PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript All-in-One For Dummies, pdf, epub free. Explore the engine that drives the internet
It takes a powerful suite of technologies to drive the most-visited websites in the world. PHP, mySQL, jаvascript, and other web-building languages serve as the foundation for application development and programming projects at all levels of the web. 
Dig into this all-in-one book to get a grasp on these in-demand skills, and figure out how to apply them to become a professional web builder. You’ll get valuable information from seven handy books covering the pieces of web programming, HTML5 & CSS3, jаvascript, PHP, MySQL, creating object-oriented programs, and using PHP frameworks.
  • Helps you grasp the technologies that power web applications      
  • Covers PHP version 7.2
  • Includes coverage of the latest updates in web development
  • Perfect for developers to use to solve problems
This book is ideal for the inexperienced programmer interested in adding these skills to their toolbox. New coders who've made it through an online course or boot camp will also find great value in how this book builds on what you already know. 


Book 1: Getting Started with Web Programming
CHAPTER 1: Examining the Pieces of Web Programming
CHAPTER 2: Using a Web Server
CHAPTER 3: Building a Development Environment

Book 2: HTML5 and CSS3
CHAPTER 1: The Basics of HTML5
CHAPTER 2: The Basics of CSS3
CHAPTER 4: Advanced CSS3
CHAPTER 5: HTML5 and Multimedia

Book 3: jаvascript
CHAPTER 1: Introducing jаvascript
CHAPTER 2: Advanced jаvascript Coding
CHAPTER 3: Using jQuery
CHAPTER 4: Reacting to Events with jаvascript and jQuery
CHAPTER 5: Troubleshooting jаvascript Programs

Book 4: PHP
CHAPTER 1: Understanding PHP Basics
CHAPTER 2: PHP Flow Control
CHAPTER 3: PHP Libraries
CHAPTER 4: Considering PHP Security
CHAPTER 5: Object-Oriented PHP Programming
CHAPTER 6: Sessions and Carts

Book 5: MySQL
CHAPTER 1: Introducing MySQL
CHAPTER 2: Administering MySQL
CHAPTER 3: Designing and Building a Database
CHAPTER 4: Using the Database
CHAPTER 5: Communicating with the Database from PHP Scripts

Book 6: Creating Object-Oriented Programs
CHAPTER 1: Designing an Object-Oriented Application
CHAPTER 2: Implementing an Object-Oriented Application
CHAPTER 4: Extending WordPress

Book 7: Using PHP Frameworks
CHAPTER 1: The MVC Method
CHAPTER 2: Selecting a Framework
CHAPTER 3: Creating an Application Using Frameworks

Download pdf, epub, PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript All-in-One For Dummies

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