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    Start by Believing: Larry Nassar's Crimes, the Institutions that Enabled Him, and the Brave Women Who Stopped a Monster
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    John Barr, Dan Murphy
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    January 14, 2020
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    352 pages
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Description of Start by Believing ebook

Download Start by Believing, pdf, epub free. The definitive, devastating account of the largest sex abuse scandal in American sports history-with new details and insights into the institutional failures, as well as the bravery that brought it to light.

For decades, osteopathic physician Larry Nassar built a sterling reputation as the go-to doctor for America's Olympians while treating countless others at his office on Michigan State University's campus. It was largely within the high-pressure world of competitive gymnastics that Nassar exploited young girls, who were otherwise motivated by fear and intimidation, sexually assaulting hundreds of them under the guise of medical treatment.

In Start by Believing, John Barr and Dan Murphy confront Nassar's acts, which represent the largest sex abuse scandal to impact the sporting world. Through never-before-released interviews and documents they deconstruct the epic institutional failures and individuals who enabled him. When warnings were raised, self-serving leaders chose to protect their organizations' reputations over the well-being of young people.

Following the paths traveled by courageous women-featuring a once-shy Christian attorney and a brash, outspoken Olympic medalist-Barr and Murphy detail the stories of those who fought back against the dysfunction within their sport to claim a far-from-inevitable victory. The gymnasts' uncommon perseverance, along with the help of dedicated advocates brought criminals to justice and helped to fuel the #MeToo revolution.

Start by Believing reveals the win-at-all-costs culture in elite athletics and higher education that enabled a quarter century of heinous crimes.


CHAPTER 1: The Awkward Introvert
CHAPTER 2: The Absolute Monarch
CHAPTER 3: Pushing Boundaries
CHAPTER 4: What Price Glory?
CHAPTER 5: Absolute Fury
CHAPTER 6: All That Glitters
CHAPTER 7: The Ranch
CHAPTER 8: Money and Medals

CHAPTER 9: The Pitbull
CHAPTER 10: Spartan Silence
CHAPTER 11: Hide-and-Seek
CHAPTER 12: Statute of Limitations
CHAPTER 13: “Souls Fall… Like Snowflakes”
CHAPTER 14: The Perfect Storm
CHAPTER 15: Fierce Five
CHAPTER 16: What’s Wrong with This Picture?
CHAPTER 17: A Formal Complaint
CHAPTER 18: “A Great Bullshitter”
CHAPTER 19: The Cover Story
CHAPTER 20: Damage Control

CHAPTER 21: Cracking Under Pressure
CHAPTER 22: Coming Forward
CHAPTER 23: Breaking News
CHAPTER 24: Fallout Begins
CHAPTER 25: Trash Day
CHAPTER 26: Victim-Centered
CHAPTER 27: Critical Testimony
CHAPTER 28: Defensive Posture
CHAPTER 29: The National Spotlight
CHAPTER 30: Uncivil Actions
CHAPTER 31: Striking a Deal
CHAPTER 32: Armed and Ready
CHAPTER 33: Expanding Ranks
CHAPTER 34: A Rare Gift

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