Basic Engineering Mathematics, 7 edition

Basic Engineering Mathematics, 7 edition
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    Basic Engineering Mathematics, 7 edition
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    John Bird
  • Edition:
    7 edition
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    May 20, 2017
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    474 pages
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Book Description
Now in its seventh edition, Basic Engineering Mathematics is an established textbook that has helped thousands of students to succeed in their exams. Mathematical theories are explained in a straightforward manner, being supported by practical engineering examples and applications in order to ensure that readers can relate theory to practice. The extensive and thorough topic coverage makes this an ideal text for introductory level engineering courses. This title is supported by a companion website with resources for both students and lecturers, including lists of essential formulae, multiple choice tests, and full solutions for all 1,600 further questions.


1. Basic arithmetic
2. Fractions
3. Decimals
4. Using a calculator
5. Percentages
6. Ratio and proportion
7. Powers, roots and laws of indices
8. Units, prefixes and engineering notation
9. Basic algebra
10. Further algebra
11. Solving simple equations
12. Transposing formulae
13. Solving simultaneous equations
14. Solving quadratic equations
15. Logarithms
16. Exponential functions
17. Straight line graphs
18. Graphs reducing non-linear laws to linear form
19. Graphical solution of equations
20. Angles and triangles
21. Introduction to trigonometry
22. Trigonometric waveforms
23. Non-right angled triangles and some practical applications
24. Cartesian and polar co-ordinates
25. Areas of common shapes
26. The circle and its properties
27. Volumes and surface areas of common solids
28. Irregular areas and volumes and mean values
29. Vectors
30. Methods of adding alternating waveforms
31. Presentation of statistical data
32. Mean, median, mode and standard deviation
33. Probability
34. Introduction to differentiation
35. Standard integration
36. Number sequences
37. Binary, octal and hexadecimal
38. Inequalities
39. Graphs with logarithmic scales

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