Node Cookbook

Node Cookbook
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    Node Cookbook
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    David Mark Clements
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    July 25, 2012
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    342 pages
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Book Description
Over 50 recipes to master the art of asynchronous server-side jаvascript using Node
  • Packed with practical recipes taking you from the basics to extending Node with your own modules
  • Create your own web server to see Node’s features in action
  • Work with JSON, XML, web sockets, and make the most of asynchronous programming
In Detail
The principles of asynchronous event-driven programming are perfect for today's web, where efficient real-time applications and scalability are at the forefront. Server-side jаvascript has been here since the 90's but Node got it right. With a thriving community and interest from Internet giants, it could be the PHP of tomorrow.
"Node Cookbook" shows you how to transfer your jаvascript skills to server side programming. With simple examples and supporting code, "Node Cookbook" talks you through various server side scenarios often saving you time, effort, and trouble by demonstrating best practices and showing you how to avoid security faux pas.
Beginning with making your own web server, the practical recipes in this cookbook are designed to smoothly progress you to making full web applications, command line applications, and Node modules. Node Cookbook takes you through interfacing with various database backends such as MySQL, MongoDB and Redis, working with web sockets, and interfacing with network protocols, such as SMTP. Additionally, there are recipes on correctly performing heavy computations, security implementations, writing, your own Node modules and different ways to take your apps live.
What you will learn from this book
  • Write and publish your own modules
  • Interface with various databases
  • Work with streams of data
  • Handle file uploads and POST data
  • Use the Express framework to accelerate the development of your applications
  • Learn about security, encryption, and authentication techniques
As part of Packt's cookbook series, this book is packed with practical recipes that will get you working efficiently with Node from the start. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of working with Node.
Who this book is written for
If you have some knowledge of jаvascript and want to build fast, efficient, scalable client-server solutions, then Node Cookbook is for you. Experienced users of Node will improve their skills although even if you have not worked with Node before, these practical recipes will make it easy to get started.


Chapter 1: Making a Web Server
Chapter 2: Exploring the HTTP Object
Chapter 3: Working with Data Serialization
Chapter 4: Interfacing with Databases
Chapter 5: Transcending AJAX: Using WebSockets
Chapter 6: Accelerating Development with Express
Chapter 7: Implementing Security, Encryption, and Authentication
Chapter 8: Integrating Network Paradigms
Chapter 9: Writing Your Own Node Modules
Chapter 10: Taking It Live

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