Web Programming with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

Web Programming with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
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    Web Programming with HTML5, CSS, and jаvascript
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    John Dean
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    January 23, 2018
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    678 pages
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Book Description
Web Programming with HTML 5, CSS, and jаvascript is written for the undergraduate, client-side web programming course. It covers the three client-side technologies (HTML5, CSS, and jаvascript) in depth, with no dependence on server-side technologies. One of the distinguishing features of this new text is its coverage of canvas, one of the most important new features of HTML5.

Topics are presented in a logical, comprehensive manner and code is presented in both short code fragments and complete web pages, allowing readers to grasp concepts quickly and then apply the concepts in the context of a complete web page. Each chapter concludes with an optional case study, which builds upon itself to create a sophisticated website. The case studies allow students to apply what they have learned and gives them a feel for the real-world design process.


1. Introduction to Web Programming
2. Coding Standards, Block Elements, Text Elements, and Character References
3. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
4. Organizing a Page’s Content with Lists, Figures, and Various Organizational Elements
5. Tables and CSS Layout
6. Links and Images
7. Image Manipulations, Audio, and Video
8. Introduction to jаvascript: Functions, DOM, Forms, and Event Handlers
9. Additional jаvascript Basics: window Object, if Statement, Strings, Numbers, and Input Validation
10. Loops, Additional Controls, Manipulating CSS with jаvascript
11. Object-Oriented Programming and Arrays
12. Canvas

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