3D Graphics for Game Programming

3D Graphics for Game Programming
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    3D Graphics for Game Programming
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    JungHyun Han
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    1 edition
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    February 17, 2011
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    330 pages
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Book Description
Designed for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses, 3D Graphics for Game Programmingpresents must-know information for success in interactive graphics. Assuming a minimal prerequisite understanding of vectors and matrices, it also provides sufficient mathematical background for game developers to combine their previous experience in graphics API and shader programming with the background theory of computer graphics.
Well organized and logically presented, this book takes its organizational format from GPU programming and presents a variety of algorithms for programmable stages along with the knowledge required to configure hard-wired stages. Easily accessible, it offers a wealth of elaborate 3D visual presentations and includes additional theoretical and technical details in separate shaded boxes and optional sections.
Maintaining API neutrality throughout to maximize applicability, the book gives sample programs to assist in understanding. Full PowerPoint files and additional material, including video clips and lecture notes with all of the figures in the book.
Key Features
  • Presents the theory and mathematics of real-time graphics and its applications to game design
  • Provides boxed MathNotes that can be accessed as required without interrupting the flow of the text
  • Includes homework problems and more than 300 detailed figures
  • Offers ancillary material on a companion website



Chapter 1. Modeling in Game Production
Chapter 2. Vertex Processing
Chapter 3. Rasterization
Chapter 4. Fragment Processing and Output Merging
Chapter 5. Illumination and Shaders
Chapter 6. Parametric Curves and Surfaces
Chapter 7. Shader Models
Chapter 8. Image Texturing
Chapter 9. Bump Mapping
Chapter 10. Advanced Texturing
Chapter 11. Character Animation
Chapter 12. Physics-based Simulation

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