Arista Warrior: Arista Products with a Focus on EOS, 2 edition

Arista Warrior: Arista Products with a Focus on EOS, 2 edition
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    Arista Warrior: Arista Products with a Focus on EOS, 2 edition
  • Author:
    Gary A. Donahue
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    2 edition
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    July 12, 2019
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    572 pages
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Book Description
Arista Networks has become a key player in software-driven cloud networking solutions for large data center, storage, and computing environments, and is poised to make an impact in other areas as well. In this updated edition, renowned trainer, consultant, and technical author Gary A. Donahue (Network Warrior) provides an in-depth, objective guide to Arista’s products. You’ll learn why the company’s network switches, software products, and Extensible Operating System (EOS) are so effective.
Anyone who has or is pursuing networking certification (especially Arista’s own!) or who is just curious about why Arista is better will benefit from this book, especially entrenched administrators, engineers, or architects tasked with building an Arista network. Pick up this in-depth guide and find out how Arista can help both you and your company.
Topics in the second edition include:
  • Configuration Management: config sessions, config replace, and config checkpoints
  • CloudVision: Arista’s management, workload orchestration, workflow automation, and configuration tool
  • VXLAN: Layer 2 overlay networking
  • FlexRoute: two million routes in hardware
  • Tap Aggregation: make your switch or blade into a Tap Aggregation device
  • Advanced Mirroring: mirror to a port-channel or even the CPU
  • eAPI: Arista’s fabulous extended Application Programmable Interface



1. Why Arista?
2. Network Designs
3. Buffers
4. Merchant Silicon
5. Fabric Speed
6. Arista Products
7. SysDB
8. Introduction to EOS
9. Configuration Management
10. Upgrading EOS
11. Link Layer Discovery Protocol
12. Bash
13. Zero-Touch Provisioning
14. Aboot
15. CloudVision
16. The EOS Extension System
17. Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
18. MLAG
19. First-Hop Redundancy
20. FlexRoute
22. Email
23. LANZ
24. Scheduler
25. tcpdump and Advanced Mirroring
26. Tap Aggregation
27. Event Manager
28. Event Monitor
29. Troubleshooting
30. eAPI
31. Containers
32. vEOS
33. Aristacisms

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