Government By the People, 2016 Presidential Edition

Government By the People, 2016 Presidential Edition
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    Government By the People, 2016 Presidential Edition
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    David B. Magleby, Paul C. Light, Christine L. Nemacheck
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    March 1, 2018
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    639 pages
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Book Description
Government by the People, 2016 Presidential Election (2 -downloads), 26/e provides a thorough, Constitution-based introduction to the foundational principles, processes, and institutions of American government. Throughout, authors David Magleby, Paul Light, and Christine Nemacheck highlight the central role that people play in a constitutional democracy, inspiring students to see how similarities and differences in political beliefs continue to shape government to this day. The 2016 Presidential Election Edition includes coverage of the major issues in today’s headlines to engage students in learning, as well as to boost the relevance of course material to students’ lives.


Part I - Constitutional Principles
1. Constitutional Democracy
2. Constitutional Foundations
3. American Federalism

Part II - The Political Process
4. The American Political Landscape
5. Interest Groups
6. Political Parties
7. Public Opinion, Ideology, Participation, and Voting
8. Campaigns and Elections
9. The Media and U.S. Politics

Part III - Policy-Making Institutions
10. Congress
11. The Presidency
12. The Federal Bureaucracy and Public Policy
13. The Judiciary

Part IV - Rights and Liberties
14. Civil Liberties
15. Civil Rights

Part V - The Politics of National Policy
16. Economic and Social Policy
17. Foreign and Defense Policy

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