R3 Corda for Architects and Developers

R3 Corda for Architects and Developers
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    R3 Corda for Architects and Developers: With Case Studies in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Travel, Telecom, and Agriculture
  • Author:
    Debajani Mohanty
  • Edition:
    1st ed. edition
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    September 13, 2019
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    135 pages
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Book Description
Explore the entire R3 Corda ecosystem using theory, labs, and use cases. This book introduces distributed ledger technology, Corda architecture, and smart contract programming in Java, guiding you through testing and deployment. Further, you will explore various business problems in finance, insurance, healthcare, travel, and agriculture and discover how Corda can solve these issues through its unique and efficient distributed ledger technology. These business scenarios come with flowcharts, diagrams, and sample code that stakeholders can refer to and further enhance during live projects. 
After reading R3 Corda for Architects and Developers, you will understand how efficient usage of Corda can create value for your business processes by making business intelligence more readily available, user friendly, and interactive.
What You Will Learn  
  • Work with distributed ledger technology
  • Discover Corda’s differentiators 
  • Develop smart contracts, states, and business flows on Corda  
  • Take advantage of Corda in your business by going through case studies in various domains  
Who This Book Is For
Blockchain developers and architects who wish to learn Corda.


Chapter 1: Barter to Blockchain
Chapter 2: Corda Architecture
Chapter 3: Installation, Development, Deployment, Unit, and Functional Testing
Chapter 4: Government and Real Estate
Chapter 5: Finance Domain— Real-Time e-Auction; Trade Finance and Letter of Credit
Chapter 6: Insurance Domain—Car Insurance
Chapter 7: Healthcare—Corda and Ethereum Hybrid Use Case
Chapter 8: Travel Domain: Replacing GDS with Next-Generation Travel Platform
Chapter 9: Telecom Domain: Fraud Management
Chapter 10: Supply Chain in Agriculture
Chapter 11: Supply Chain—Gold Tokenization
Chapter 12: The Latest from Corda: Cordite, Corda Enterprise, and Settler

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