WordPress 24-Hour Trainer: Watch, Read, and Learn How to Create and Customize WordPress Sites

WordPress 24-Hour Trainer: Watch, Read, and Learn How to Create and Customize WordPress Sites
  • eBook:
    WordPress 24-Hour Trainer: Watch, Read, and Learn How to Create and Customize WordPress Sites
  • Author:
    George Plumley
  • Edition:
    1 edition
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  • Data:
    November 23, 2009
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  • Pages:
    336 pages
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Book Description
Don't let WordPress intimidate you. WordPress 24-Hour Trainer is a unique lesson-based book that walks you through the essential parts of WordPress. Each lesson is streamlined to teach a specific aspect of WordPress, helping you to focus on just what you need in order to get the task accomplished. If you learn better visually, this book provides you with a video to accompany each lesson.
This book is the perfect guide to
  • Planning and preparing your site for WordPress
  • Installing WordPress
  • Writing, tagging, and publishing a post
  • Working with the text editor
  • Styling paragraphs and creating lists
  • Working with media files
  • Linking, aligning, and sizing an image
  • Working with image galleries
  • Adding video and audio
  • Naming, scheduling, and managing posts
  • Making your site stand out
  • Helping others connect to your site
  • Becoming search engine friendly
  • Optimizing your site
  • Backing up your site
  • Installing and activating plugins



Part I: Before You Start
Chapter 1: Thinking Like WordPress
Chapter 2: Planning Your Site for WordPress

Part II: Firing Up WordPress
Chapter 3: Installing WordPress
Chapter 4: Admin Area Overview
Chapter 5: Basic Admin Settings

Part III: Working with Written Content 39
Chapter 6: Adding a New Post — Overview
Chapter 7: Working with the Text Editor
Chapter 8: Laying Out Text
Chapter 9: Advanced Post Options
Chapter 10: Adding a New Page

Part IV: Working with Media Content
Chapter 11: The Basics of Handling Media Files
Chapter 12: The Upload/Insert Window Tabs
Chapter 13: Image Options in Detail
Chapter 14: Editing and Laying Out Images
Chapter 15: Working with Image Galleries
Chapter 16: Adding Video and Audio
Chapter 17: Adding Documents

Part V: Managing Your Content
Chapter 18: Managing Posts and Pages
Chapter 19: Managing Media Files
Chapter 20: Managing Post Categories and Tags
Chapter 21: Managing Widgets

Part VI: Making Your Site Social
Chapter 22: Linking to Other Sites
Chapter 23: Managing Comments
Chapter 24: Connecting to Content on Other Sites
Chapter 25: Helping Others Connect to Your Site
Chapter 26: Having Multiple Site Users

Part VII: Customizing the Look of Your Site
Chapter 27: Customizing Your Header Content
Chapter 28: Customizing the Look of Posts
Chapter 29: Customizing Design and Layout

Part VIII: Becoming Search Engine Friendly
Chapter 30: Optimizing Your Content
Chapter 31: Optimizing Your Site as a Whole

Part IX: Housekeeping Chores
Chapter 32: How Is Your Site Doing?
Chapter 33: Keeping Up to Date
Chapter 34: Backing Up Your Site

Part X: Extending WordPress
Chapter 35: Installing and Activating Plugins
Chapter 36: Example Plugins
Chapter 37: Ten Other Common Uses for Plugins
Chapter 38: Extending WordPress Even Further

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