Beginning PHP 5.3

Beginning PHP 5.3
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    Beginning PHP 5.3
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    Matt Doyle
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    1 edition
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    October 26, 2009
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    840 pages
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Book Description
This book is intended for anyone starting out with PHP programming. If you’ve previously worked in another programming language such as Java, C#, or Perl, you’ll probably pick up the concepts in the earlier chapters quickly; however, the book assumes no prior experience of programming or of building Web applications.That said, because PHP is primarily a Web technology, it will help if you have at least some knowledge of other Web technologies, particularly HTML and CSS.
Many Web applications make use of a database to store data, and this book contains three chapters on working with MySQL databases. Once again, if you’re already familiar with databases in general — and MySQL in particular — you’ll be able to fly through these chapters. However, even if you’ve never touched a database before in your life, you should still be able to pick up a working knowledge by reading through these chapters.


Part I: Getting Up and Running with PHP
Chapter 1: Introducing PHP
Chapter 2: Your First PHP Script

Part II: Learning the Language
Chapter 3: PHP Language Basics
Chapter 4: Decisions and Loops
Chapter 5: Strings
Chapter 6: Arrays
Chapter 7: Functions
Chapter 8: Objects

Part III: Using PHP in Practice
Chapter 9: Handling HTML Forms with PHP
Chapter 10: Preserving State With Query Strings, Cookies, and Sessions
Chapter 11: Working with Files and Directories
Chapter 12: Introducing Databases and SQL
Chapter 13: Retrieving Data from MySQL with PHP
Chapter 14: Manipulating MySQL Data with PHP
Chapter 15: Making Your Job Easier with PEAR
Chapter 16: PHP and the Outside World
Chapter 17: Generating Images with PHP
Chapter 18: String Matching with Regular Expressions
Chapter 19: Working with XML
Chapter 20: Writing High-Quality Code

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