HTML5 24-Hour Trainer

HTML5 24-Hour Trainer
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    HTML5 24-Hour Trainer
  • Author:
    Joseph Lowery, Mark Fletcher
  • Edition:
    1 edition
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  • Data:
    February 1, 2011
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    336 pages
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Book Description
Easy-to-follow lessons and training videos for learning HTML5
HTML is the core technology for building web sites; the latest version opens the door to new levels of rich content and dynamic interactivity. This easy-to-follow book-and-DVD package is an ideal introduction to HTML5. Featuring straightforward lessons and expertly crafted training videos, this guide imparts the instruction you need to get started creating your own sites. HTML experts Joseph Lowery and Mark Fletcher cover the basic aspects of a web page, discuss the advantages of using CSS, and share examples of real-world web development to provide the foundation you need to start successfully constructing your own sites.
HTML5 24-Hour Trainer:
  • Details the new features and capabilities of HTML5 in a unique book-and-DVD combo
  • Illustrates the dynamic nature of HTML5 and the Internet
  • Features exercise files that are constructed with web standard-compliant code
  • Boasts inclusive coverage of CSS to provide you with a more engaging learning experience
  • Unveils each lesson in small, easily digestible portions so that you can get the most out of each one



Section I: Getting Started with HTML5
Lesson 1: What Is HTML?
Lesson 2 Creating Your First Web Page
Lesson 3 Viewing Web Pages

Section II: Styling Your Web Page
Lesson 4: What Is CSS?
Lesson 5: Testing CSS

Section III: Working with HTML Basics
Lesson 6: Adding Text
Lesson 7: Styling Text with CSS
Lesson 8: Linking to Content
Lesson 9: Validating Your Pages

Section IV: Incorporating Images
Lesson 10: Working with Images
Lesson 11 Using Image Maps
Lesson 12 Adding Horizontal Rules

Section V: Using Lists
Lesson 13: Inserting Unordered Lists
Lesson 14: Working with Ordered Lists
Lesson 15: Extending Lists

Section VI: Structuring Tables
Lesson 16: Building a Simple Table
Lesson 17: Styling Tables
Lesson 18 Making Tables More Accessible

Section VII: Building Forms
Lesson 19: Creating a Form
Lesson 20: Enhancing Forms

Section VIII: Enhancing HTML with jаvascript
Lesson 21: Adding jаvascript
Lesson 22 Advanced jаvascript

Section IX: Adding Media
Lesson 23: Working with Plug-Ins
Lesson 24: Inserting Audio
Lesson 25 Inserting Video

Section X: Next Steps in HTML5
Lesson 26: Looking Ahead in HTML5
Lesson 27: Enhancing Web Page Structure
Lesson 28: Integrating Advanced Design Elements

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