Clean Python: Elegant Coding in Python

Clean Python: Elegant Coding in Python
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    Clean Python: Elegant Coding in Python
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    Sunil Kapil
  • Edition:
    1st ed. edition
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    August 5, 2019
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    267 pages
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Book Description
Discover the right way to code in Python. This book provides the tips and techniques you need to produce cleaner, error-free, and eloquent Python projects.
Your journey to better code starts with understanding the importance of formatting and documenting your code for maximum readability, utilizing built-in data structures and Python dictionary for improved maintainability, and working with modules and meta-classes to effectively organize your code. You will then dive deep into the new features of the Python language and learn how to effectively utilize them. Next, you will decode key concepts such as asynchronous programming, Python data types, type hinting, and path handling. Learn tips to debug and conduct unit and integration tests in your Python code to ensure your code is ready for production. The final leg of your learning journey equips you with essential tools for version management, managing live code, and intelligent code completion.After reading and using this book, you will be proficient in writing clean Python code and successfully apply these principles to your own Python projects. 

What You’ll Learn
  • Use the right expressions and statements in your Python code 
  • Create and assess Python Dictionary 
  • Work with advanced data structures in Python 
  • Write better modules, classes, functions, and metaclasses
  • Start writing asynchronous Python immediately
  • Discover new features in Python
Who This Book Is For
Readers with a basic Python programming knowledge who want to improve their Python programming skills by learning right way to code in Python.


Chapter 1: Pythonic Thinking
Chapter 2: Data Structures
Chapter 3: Writing Better Functions and Classes
Chapter 4: Working with Modules and Metaclasses
Chapter 5: Decorators and Context Managers
Chapter 6: Generators and Iterators
Chapter 7: Utilize New Python Features
Chapter 8: Debugging and Testing Python Code

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