Engineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications

Engineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
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    Engineering Chemistry: Fundamentals and Applications
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    Shikha Agarwal
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    2 edition
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    June 30, 2019
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    1500 pages
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Book Description
Gain a detailed understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry and their engineering applications with this fully revised second edition. Catering to the needs of first and second semester undergraduate students from all branches of engineering taking courses on engineering chemistry, it offers new material on topics such as periodic properties, structure and bonding, gaseous states, ionic equilibrium, oxidation and reduction, Werner's coordination theory, Sidgwick coordination theory, valence bond theory, crystal field theory, bonding in coordination compounds, and isomerism in coordination compounds. Lucid language and an easy-to-learn approach help students to understand the basic concepts, use them to construct engineering materials, and solve problems associated with them. Each chapter is further strengthened by numerous examples and review questions.


Chapter 1. Fuels
Chapter 2. Water
Chapter 3. Corrosion
Chapter 4. Phase Rule
Chapter 5. Engineering Materials
Chapter 6. Polymers
Chapter 7. Lubricants
Chapter 8. Periodic Properties
Chapter 9. Acid–base, Oxidation–Reduction and Intermolecular Forces
Chapter 10. Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
Chapter 11. Solid State
Chapter 12. Liquid Crystals
Chapter 13. Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 14. Surface Chemistry
Chapter 15. Thermodynamics
Chapter 16. Electrochemistry
Chapter 17. Spectroscopy
Chapter 18. Photochemistry
Chapter 19. Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
Chapter 20. Coordination Chemistry
Chapter 21. Organometallic Compounds
Chapter 22. Green Chemistry
Chapter 23. Nanochemistry
Chapter 24. Chemical Aspects of Biotechnology
Chapter 25. Analytical Techniques in Chemistry
Chapter 26. Chemistry of Carbon and Hydrogen

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