Server Side Swift with Vapor: Building Web APIs and Web Apps in Swift

Server Side Swift with Vapor: Building Web APIs and Web Apps in Swift
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    Server Side Swift with Vapor: Building Web APIs and Web Apps in Swift
  • Author:
    Tim Condon, Tanner Nelson, Jonas Schwartz, Logan Wright
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    August 20, 2018
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    462 pages
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Book Description

Learn how to use Swift on the server!

Server Side Swift with Vapor introduces you to the world of server development with the added bonus of using Swift. You’ll learn how to build APIs, web sites, databases, application servers and use Vapor’s very own Vapor Cloud to host your solutions off-site. You’ll use many of Vapor’s modules such as Fluent, Vapor’s ORM, and Leaf, the templating engine for building web pages.
Who This Book Is For
This book is for iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development and want to transfer that knowledge to writing server based applications.
Topics Covered in Server Side Swift with Vapor:
  • HTTP: Learn the basics of how to make requests to and from servers.
  • Fluent: Learn how to use Fluent to save and manage your models in databases.
  • Controllers: Learn how to use controllers to route your requests and responses.
  • Leaf: Learn how Vapor’s Leaf module and its templating language allow you to build dynamic web sites directly.
  • Middleware: Learn how built-in Vapor modules can assist with common tasks such as validating users, settings required response headers, serving static files and more.
One thing you can count on: After reading this book, you’ll be prepared to write your own server-side applications using Vapor and, of course, Swift.


Section I: Creating a Simple Web API
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Hello Vapor
Chapter 3: HTTP Basics
Chapter 4: Async
Chapter 5: Fluent & Persisting Models
Chapter 6: Configuring a Database
Chapter 7: CRUD Database Operations
Chapter 8: Controllers
Chapter 9: Parent Child Relationships
Chapter 10: Sibling Relationships
Chapter 11: Testing
Chapter 12: Creating a Simple iPhone App, Part 1
Chapter 13: Creating a Simple iPhone App, Part 2

Section II: Making a Simple Web App
Chapter 14: Templating with Leaf
Chapter 15: Beautifying Pages
Chapter 16: Making a Simple Web App, Part 1
Chapter 17: Making a Simple Web App, Part 2

Section III: Validation, Users & Authentication
Chapter 18: API Authentication, Part 1
Chapter 19: API Authentication, Part 2
Chapter 20: Web Authentication, Cookies & Sessions
Chapter 21: Validation

Section IV: Advanced Server Side Swift
Chapter 22: Google Authentication
Chapter 23: Database/API Versioning & Migration
Chapter 24: Caching
Chapter 25: Middleware
Chapter 26: Deploying with Heroku
Chapter 27: WebSockets

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