GPU PRO 360 Guide to GPGPU

GPU PRO 360 Guide to GPGPU
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    GPU PRO 360 Guide to GPGPU
  • Author:
    Wolfgang Engel
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    1 edition
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    November 28, 2018
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    380 pages
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Book Description
Wolfgang Engel’s GPU Pro 360 Guide to GPGPU gathers all the cutting-edge information from his previous seven GPU Pro volumes into a convenient single source anthology that covers general purpose GPU. This volume is complete with 19 articles by leading programmers that focus on the techniques that go beyond the normal pixel and triangle scope of GPUs and take advantage of the parallelism of modern graphics processors to accomplish such tasks. GPU Pro 360 Guide to GPGPU is comprised of ready-to-use ideas and efficient procedures that can help solve many computer graphics programming challenges that may arise.

Key Features:
Presents tips & tricks on real-time rendering of special effects and visualization data on common consumer software platforms such as PCs, video consoles, mobile devices
Covers specific challenges involved in creating games on various platforms
Explores the latest developments in rapidly evolving field of real-time rendering
Takes practical approach that helps graphics programmers solve their daily challenges


1. 2D Distance Field Generation with the GPU
2. Order-Independent Transparency Using Per-Pixel Linked Lists
3. Simple and Fast Fluids
4. A Fast Poisson Solver for OpenCL Using Multigrid Methods
5. Volumetric Transparency with Per-Pixel Fragment Lists
6. Practical Binary Surface and Solid Voxelization with Direct3D 11
7. Interactive Ray Tracing Using the Compute Shader in DirectX 11
8. Bit-Trail Traversal for Stackless LBVH on DirectCompute
9. Real-Time JPEG Compression Using DirectCompute
10. Hair Simulation in TressFX
11. Object-Order Ray Tracing for Fully Dynamic Scenes
12. Quadtrees on the GPU
13. Two-Level Constraint Solver and Pipelined Local Batching for Rigid Body Simulation on GPUs
14. Non-separable 2D, 3D, and 4D Filtering with CUDA
15. Compute-Based Tiled Culling
16. Rendering Vector Displacement-Mapped Surfaces in a GPU Ray Tracer
17. Smooth Probabilistic Ambient Occlusion for Volume Rendering
18. Octree Mapping from a Depth Camera
19. Interactive Sparse Eulerian Fluid

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