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Download The Well-Grounded Rubyist, pdf, epub free. The Well-Grounded Rubyist, Third Edition is a beautifully written tutorial that begins with your first Ruby program and takes you all the way to sophisticated topics like reflection, threading, and recursion. Ruby masters David A. Black and Joe Leo distill their years of knowledge for you, concentrating on the language and its uses so you can use Ruby in any way you choose. Updated for Ruby 2.5.

About the Technology
Designed for developer productivity, Ruby is an easy-to-learn dynamic language perfect for creating virtually any kind of software. Its famously friendly development community, countless libraries, and amazing tools, like the Rails framework, have established it as the language of choice for high-profile companies, including GitHub, SlideShare, and Shopify. The future is bright for the well-grounded Rubyist!

About the Book
In The Well-Grounded Rubyist, Third Edition, expert authors David A. Black and Joseph Leo III deliver Ruby mastery in an easy-to-read, casual style. You'll lock in core principles as you write your first Ruby programs. Then, you'll progressively build up to topics like reflection, threading, and recursion, cementing your knowledge with high-value exercises to practice your skills along the way.

What's Inside
  • Basic Ruby syntax
  • Running Ruby extensions
  • FP concepts like currying, side-effect-free code, and recursion
  • Ruby 2.5 updates



1. Ruby foundations
Chapter 1. Bootstrapping your Ruby literacy
Chapter 2. Objects, methods, and local variables
Chapter 3. Organizing objects with classes
Chapter 4. Modules and program organization
Chapter 5. The default object (self), scope, and visibility
Chapter 6. Control-flow techniques

2. Built-in classes and modules
Chapter 7. Built-in essentials
Chapter 8. Strings, symbols, and other scalar objects
Chapter 9. Collection and container objects
Chapter 10. Collections central: Enumerable and Enumerator
Chapter 11. Regular expressions and regexp-based string operations
Chapter 12. File and I/O operations

3. Ruby dynamics
Chapter 13. Object individuation
Chapter 14. Callable and runnable objects
Chapter 15. Callbacks, hooks, and runtime introspection
Chapter 16. Ruby and functional programming

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