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    Job Ready Java (Mthree Tech Skills)
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    Haythem Balti, Alan Galloway
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    1 edition
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    March 23, 2021
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Description of Job Ready Java (Mthree Tech Skills) ebook

Download Job Ready Java (Mthree Tech Skills), pdf, epub free. Prepare yourself to take on new and exciting Java programming challenges with this one-stop resource 
Job Ready Java delivers a comprehensive and foundational approach to Java that is immediately applicable to real-world environments. Based on the highly regarded and effective Software Guild Java Bootcamp: Object Oriented Programming course, this book teaches you the basic and advanced Java concepts you will need at any entry-level Java position. 
With the “Pulling It Together” sections, you’ll combine and integrate the concepts and lessons taught by the book, while also benefiting from: 
  • A thorough introduction to getting set up with Java, including how to write, compile, and run Java programs with or without a Java IDE 
  • Practical discussions of the basics of the Java language, including syntax, program flow, and code organization 
  • A walk through the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming including Classes, Objects, Interfaces, and Inheritance, and how to leverage OOP in Java to create elegant code.  
  • Explorations of intermediate and advanced Java concepts, including Maven , unit testing, Lambdas, Streams, and the Spring Framework  
Perfect for Java novices seeking to make a career transition, Job Ready Java will also earn a place in the libraries of Java developers wanting to brush up on the fundamentals of their craft with an accessible and up-to-date resource. 


PART I: Getting Set Up
Lesson 1: Installing Java
Lesson 2: Installing a Development Environment: NetBeans
Lesson 3: Using an Integrated Development Environment

PART II: Basics of Object Oriented Programming
Lesson 4: Using Program Statements and Variables
Lesson 5: Collecting and Parsing Input from the User
Lesson 6: Pulling It All Together: Building a Useful Program
Lesson 7: Controlling Program Flow
Lesson 8: Looping Program Flow
Lesson 9: Understanding Flowcharts and Algorithms
Lesson 10: Adding Randomness to Your Programs
Lesson 11: Debugging
Lesson 12: Adding Methods
Lesson 13: Organizing with Arrays

PART III: Fundamentals of Classes and Objects
Lesson 14: Object-Oriented Concepts
Lesson 15: Creating Classes and Types
Lesson 16: Managing Storage and Memory
Lesson 17: Exploring Interfaces, Composition, and Inheritance
Lesson 18: Diving into Interfaces
Lesson 19: Diving into Composition
Lesson 20: Diving into Inheritance
Lesson 21: Understanding Collections
Lesson 22: Introduction to Lists
Lesson 23: Exploring Maps
Lesson 24: Using Simple File Input and Output
Lesson 25: Applying Application Design
Lesson 26: Handling Exceptions
Lesson 27: Pulling It All Together: Building the Class Roster App

PART IV: Intermediate Java
Lesson 28: Exploring the Service Layer
Lesson 29: Pulling It All Together: Coding the Class Roster Service Layer
Lesson 30: Doing Unit Testing
Lesson 31: Testing Stateful Code
Lesson 32: Including Magic Numbers and Enums
Lesson 33: Manipulating Dates and Times
Lesson 34: Using the BigDecimal Class
Lesson 35: Working with Lambdas and Streams

PART V: Advanced Java
Lesson 36: Working with the Spring Framework
Lesson 37: Introducing Maven
Lesson 38: Pulling It All Together: Building the Class Roster with Spring

Download pdf, epub, Job Ready Java (Mthree Tech Skills)

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