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    Deep Learning from the Basics
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    Koki Saitoh
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    1 edition
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    316 pages
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    PDF, ePUB


Description of Deep Learning from the Basics ebook

Download Deep Learning from the Basics, pdf, epub free. Discover ways to implement various deep learning algorithms by leveraging Python and other technologies
Key Features
  • Learn deep learning models through several activities
  • Begin with simple machine learning problems, and finish by building a complex system of your own
  • Teach your machines to see by mastering the technologies required for image recognition
What You Will Learn
  • Use Python with minimum external sources to implement deep learning programs
  • Study the various deep learning and neural network theories
  • Learn how to determine learning coefficients and the initial values of weights
  • Implement trends such as Batch Normalization, Dropout, and Adam
  • Explore applications like automatic driving, image generation, and reinforcement learning



Chapter 1: Introduction to Python
Chapter 2: Perceptrons
Chapter 3: Neural Networks
Chapter 4: Neural Network Training
Chapter 5: Backpropagation
Chapter 6: Training Techniques
Chapter 7: Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 8: Deep Learning

Download pdf, epub, Deep Learning from the Basics

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