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    Demystifying Systems Engineering: A practitioner's handbook for learning techniques to develop and deliver complex systems
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    Prof Jon Holt
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    February 9, 2021
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    383 pages
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    PDF, ePUB


Description of Demystifying Systems Engineering ebook

Download Demystifying Systems Engineering, pdf, epub free. Get to grips with systems engineering life cycles, processes, best practices, and apply techniques to successfully develop complex systems

Key Features

  • Discover how to manage increased complexity and understand systems better via effective communication
  • Adopt a proven model-based approach for systems engineering within your organization
  • Apply proven techniques for requirements, design, validation and verification, and management

Book Description

Systems engineering helps us to understand, specify, and develop complex systems, and is applied across a wide set of disciplines and to the entire development life cycle. As systems and their associated problems become increasingly complex in this evermore connected world, the need for more rigorous, demonstrable, and repeatable techniques also increases.
Written by Professor Jon Holt - an internationally recognized systems engineering expert - this book provides a blend of technical and business aspects required to develop successful systems. You'll start with systems engineering basics and understand the complexity, communication, and different stakeholders' views of the system. The book then covers the essential aspects of model-based systems engineering, systems, life cycles, and processes along with techniques to develop systems. Moving on, you'll explore system models and visualization techniques, focusing on the SysML, and discover how solutions can be defined by developing effective design, verification, and validation techniques. The book concludes by taking you through key management processes and best practice guidelines for effective systems engineering.
By the end of this systems engineering book, you'll be able to confidently apply modern model-based systems engineering techniques to your own systems and projects.

What you will learn

  • Grasp the three essentials of systems engineering - complexity, communication, and understanding
  • Realize successful systems using model-based systems engineering
  • Understand the concept of life cycles and how they control the evolution of a system
  • Explore processes and related concepts such as activities, stakeholders, and resources
  • Discover how needs fit into the systems life cycle and which processes are relevant and how to comply with them
  • Find out how design, verification, and validation fit into the life cycle and processes

Who This Book Is For

This book is for existing or aspiring systems engineers and engineering managers looking to apply systems engineering practices to their existing systems and projects. Many companies are finding that new graduates have little understanding of Systems Engineering and that a well-structured, model-based approach to systems engineering is an essential skill for engineers of all disciplines. This book helps you acquire this skill with the help of a simple and practical approach to developing successful systems.


Section 1: Introduction to Systems Engineering
Chapter 1: Introduction to Systems Engineering
Chapter 2: Model-Based Systems Engineering

Section 2: Systems Engineering Concepts
Chapter 3: Systems and Interfaces
Chapter 4: Life Cycles
Chapter 5: Systems Engineering Processes

Section 3: Systems Engineering Techniques
Chapter 6: Needs and Requirements
Chapter 7: Modeling the Design
Chapter 8: Verification and Validation
Chapter 9: Methodologies
Chapter 10: Systems Engineering Management

Section 4: Next steps
Chapter 11: Best Practices

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