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    Linux for Beginners: A Practical Guide for Complete Beginners on How to Master and Discover Surprisingly Tips On How to Use Linux Efficiently
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    John Snowden
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    November 20, 2020
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    177 pages
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Description of Linux for Beginners ebook

Download Linux for Beginners, pdf, epub free.

Are you looking for a complete guide that enables you to use Linux and manage shell Linux like a pro? Are you struggling to navigate among all the Linux distributions out there and finding hard to define the best one for your needs? Do you want to evaluate your learning level step by step?

If you want to learn how to use Linux step be step, but don't know where to start read on… are the right place!!!
Knowing where to start when learning a new skill can be a challenge, especially when the topic seems so vast. There can be so much information available that you can't even decide where to start. Or worse, you start down the path of learning and quickly discover too many concepts, commands, and nuances that aren't explained. This kind of experience is frustrating and leaves you with more questions than answers.
Linux for Beginners doesn't make any assumptions about your background or knowledge of Linux. You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this book. You will be guided step by step using a logical and systematic approach. As new concepts, commands, or jargon are encountered they are explained in plain language, making it easy for anyone to understand.
Here is what you will learn by reading Linux for Beginners:
  • The basics, including what an operating system is, what Linux is, how it has evolved over the years, how Linux works, the architecture of Linux, files hierarchy in Linux as well as the system architecture in Linux 
  • How to get access to a Linux server if you don't already. How to install Linux on Virtual Machines on Windows and on MacOS
  • What a Linux distribution is and which one to choose.
  • The basic Linux commands you'll use most often.
  • What software is needed to connect to Linux from Mac and Windows computers?
  • Using C++ and phyton.
  • Shell scripting: The concept of shells in Linux, including what is a shell, how to gain access to the shell, the different types of shell, shell scripting along with basic command line editing
  • Managing text files
  • Benefits of using Linux as an operating system
Linux is without doubt the most powerful operating system in the world. Yes, you may think Windows and macOS are powerful operating systems owing to the fact that they control much of the PC market but I have some stats that will change your perspective:
Even if you’ve never used Linux before but want to learn it, to add it to your skillset and possibly start using it for networking, programming or even just simple web browsing, you will find this book helpful.
Lucky for you, the book takes an easy to follow, beginner friendly approach to introduce you everything, beginner or advanced, to ensure you start applying what you learn right away.


Chapter One: History And Background
Chapter Two: Installing Linux
Chapter Three: Linux Commands & Architecure
Chapter Four: Linux And Bash
Chapter Five: Using C++
Chapter Six: Learning Python
Chapter Seven: Shell Scripting
Chapter Eight: Blockchains
Chapter Nine: Managing Text Files
Chapter Ten: Advantages Of Using Linux

Download pdf, epub, Linux for Beginners

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